Risk-free environments for our clients

Competent and effective security services can often be mission critical factors to enterprises. 

The choice of security services contractor impacts the effective operation of an enterprise, the brand reputation of its sponsors and organisers, and also on the perceived competence of its managers. Network Global Security (NGS) recognises the importance of these factors to our clients, and we develop individually tailored security solutions incorporating these considerations as vital elements.


NGS provides very highly trained security professionals, effective risk and safety assessment surveys, and very responsive methods designed to safeguard client interests. Our commitment to quality service, health, safety and the environment. NGS maintains high ethical standards in our efforts to protect the environment.


As part of our commitment to sustainable practices we are very proactive in seeking to use new, more sustainable technologies and processes, and to minimise our carbon footprint. Safety, security, health and environmental matters are handled applying the same sense of responsibility, and just as robusty as issues related to quality, productivity and cost-efficiency.


Tailored solutions for your individual requirements

Network Global Security truly believes that every business is unique and therefor have their own, unique security requirements. Our ability to understand this and shape our services to develop the best solutions for our clients is what makes them choose NGS.



NGS has years of experience in private sector security, the license trade and the events sector, has participated in some of the largest spectator events, and we collaborate closely with clients in the planning and operation of diverse projects that require strategic development and management of security policy.


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